this was a rare opportunity to create a new, affordable community in the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Daniel QuachBecome.
Warriewood Townhouses
Medium Density Housing
No. of Residences
42 Townhouses
Development Application

Warriewood Townhouses

Nurturing a new community on the beaches

This townhouse development sits on a large site 24km north of Sydney CBD and is part of the Warriewood Valley Land Release area.

We were tasked to create a residential development of 44 houses that respond to the market need for more medium density housing on the growing Northern Beaches. Whilst aimed at the middle tier of the market we still wanted the project to reflect contemporary architectural design.

The development features a range of housing types from 2/3 Bed terraces up to 4 Bed detached houses providing a genuine mix of housing affordability within the new community. The design focus was on providing excellent amenities for residents and incorporated outdoor spaces on every level.

An integral part of the overall design is to create an exceptional ‘sense of place’ through a relaxed and welcoming character.  We achieved this by making the community a beautifully landscaped shared zone providing a safe child-friendly environment that encourages walkability and socialisation amongst neighbours.

We looked at how to link the development to the local community and so continued an established cycle path into the new central community park as well as incorporating a dry river bed playground, bbq & seating area and visitor parking.