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About Us

At Become, we passionately believe that everyone deserves a place to call home where they can truly belong. Our mission is not just to build houses and apartments; it is to create thriving communities, empower individuals, and make a lasting impact.

We are an accomplished team of Architects + Interior Designers that specialise in community housing. Become partners with local and state governments, community housing providers and project managers to turn their collected visions into high-quality, innovative, cost effective, and functional housing solutions.

Some people strive to win awards, but it's positively affecting people's lives that gives me the most fulfilment in architecture

Ben ReidFounder + Director


One day we had a moment of clarity. It was a split second when it hit us deep in our gut that our projects are about people. Not just inspiring design; or bricks and mortar; or glass and steel; or even fresh air and light. Sure, all these aspects are critical to every project we bring to life, but we’re driven by something a little deeper.

Our core purpose and values are firmly aligned with social housing, affordable housing, and mixed-tenue projects. We design spaces that not only offer shelter but also nurture a sense of belonging and a brighter future for all residents.

We continually strive to shape the future of housing in Australia and, in doing so, contribute to the overall well-being of society. At Become, we are more than architects; we are builders of brighter futures.

Our People

The Become. story began in 2014, when our founders Andrew Talbot and Ben Reid, decided to pool their decades of multinational practice experience to build a true relationship-based approach to architecture and construction.

Beyond Become, for over three decades, our dedicated team has been crafting buildings that help people, live, learn and heal. We draw from our rich and diverse collected project experience to create housing solutions that enrich people’s lives and the communities in which they reside.

Nestled in the heart of Manly, Sydney, our practice overlooks Manly Wharf and Sydney Harbour – the perfect environment to inspire collaboration and creativity.

Meet our team


We made a promise to ourselves to live by a set of Principles that guide us to pursue the kind of projects we love to create and build a different kind of architectural firm.

Principle 1

We strive to design and create buildings and spaces that become places that enrich people’s lives and communities.


Principle 2

We’re driven to help those less fortunate than ourselves by creating these places with our skills and service.

Principle 3

We’ll only work with decent, honest, talented people fostering mutual respect and trust.


Principle 4

Our approach makes our client’s jobs and lives more successful and enjoyable by helping them overcome challenges and solve complex problems.

Principle 5

The business relationships we build will be long lasting and lead to repeat work through trust, understanding and efficiency.

Principle 6

Our office will be an inspiring working environment where our team can flourish and achieve their full potential through development and mentoring.

Principle 7

By undertaking financially successful work we’ll be able to continue to offer excellent client service and stability for our staff.


Become. Architecture + Interiors
Creating Places that enrich our communities.

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Suite 104, 46-48 East Esplanade,
Manly, NSW 2095

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