Set amongst the quiet, leafy suburb of Willoughby, these houses are designed to provide tranquility whilst remaining connected to an array of lifestyle offerings just minutes away

Andrew TalbotBecome.
Medium Density Housing
No. of Residences
8 Townhouses
Metro Property Development
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Willoughby Townhouses

New tranquillity amongst a well-established

Willoughby, characterised by its longstanding history, boasts a distinctive identity with lush green streets adorned by native and deciduous trees.

In the wake of a recent rezoning to R3, marking a significant transition for the area, Become took on the challenging task of designing eight townhouses on a steeply sloping site that offers exceptional views to the south.

The plan’s evolution was intricately guided by the core principles of ‘Light, View, Peace, Craftsmanship,’ which served as the design north star for this development. We wanted to utilise the exceptional views to the south whilst maintaining the liveability of north-facing residences.

This approach created two distinct house types, with a notable inclusion of 50% fully accessible housing. This deliberate choice aims to accommodate a diverse range of residents and facilitate ageing in place, contributing to a harmonious and inclusive community.