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Ben ReidBecome.
Cammeray, NSW
Social housing
No. of Residences
12 Boarding Houses
Link Wentworth
Signature Project Management

Cammeray Social Housing

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narrowest challenge.

Become have guided an approved development application design by AJC for a new boarding house through the design development and 70% D&C tender documentation stages.

Working within the constraints of a challenging, narrow site in an excellent urban location, we ensured appropriate clearances minimum space requirements, and enabled Link Wentworth’s overall principal requirements.

We successfully negotiated an amended proposal with the council at the design and development stage to provide improved design outcomes and worked with Link Wentworth to provide documentation to assist in negotiations with the adjoining neighbour.

The project underwent a Value Engineering process during which the builder proposed alternative construction methods. Become reviewed these suggestions from an architectural perspective, as well as understanding the impact to the original design.

Through this process, the builder couldn’t provide an appropriate level of cost savings with these changes and a re-tender process is currently underway with the original design, plus some value engineering solutions we have suggested.