Become really listened, not just to us but the people who will live there and have created a community that’s welcoming and tranquil.

Robert CribbNational Property Development Manager
Duke Street Residential Complex, Coffs Harbour
Community Housing
Under Construction
Due late 2021
Ben | Andrew | Daniel

Mission Australia Housing

Shining new light into how people live in community housing

Community housing residents deserve a home and environment where they feel secure, welcomed and can thrive. For this new Mission Australia community in Coffs Harbour we wanted to create a place of fresh air, sunlight and hope.

Mission Australia Housing chose Become. to design their new Coffs Harbour residential complex of 40 social housing apartments and create a new community for people in need of a safe place to live.

We sought to understand what residents wanted in their new homes and how we could shape the building itself to be a more welcoming, positive environment.

We realised that getting maximum natural light into every home was essential. So rather than using a standard floor layout with units running off both sides of a central hallway, we positioned all the studios in line to ensure all benefited from the Northerly aspect with communicable spaces off the back of each hallway.

The finished design works with the site, the surrounding community and environment using efficient micro-apartment designs. They stack, are cost-effective, easily repeatable and efficient to build and maintain.

We incorporated communal rooms and community gardens that enable wellbeing and connection between residents.

Each unit includes the latest passive energy designs with controllable solar access and natural cross ventilation for low energy usage which contribute significantly to the favourable lifetime costs of the development for Mission Australia.

We’re incredibly proud of this development and see it as a breath of fresh air in community housing.