We knew we needed to design a centre that lived up to and supported the inspiring work they do.

Lois MorganBecome.
Community + Education
Development Application
Approved 2022

Northcott Disability Community Centre

Creating a place where people can be their best

Northcott supports people with disability to realise their potential. Their mission statement is “Let’s see what you can do”, and we designed their Dapto Community Centre to enable them to discover exactly that with everyone who comes through the doors.

The centre provides spaces to help the Northcott team and their customers enjoy support and learning to achieve their potential in life. We deliberately designed it as a non-institutional ‘big home’. The centre provides respite care, therapy and life skills training, whilst also housing Northcott’s administrative centre for the local area.

It needed to be a budget conscious development, but with no compromise on design. That just meant a bit more thinking and effort on the drawing board to deliver a warm and friendly, functional, yet highly efficient building.

The internal spaces are full of natural light with the ability to control how much sun shines in and lots of fresh air, embracing passive energy design. We’ve future-proofed the design through flexible room layouts, enabling changes to meet future services needs.